How to become CEO by Jeffrey J Fox

What’s inside…

How to Become CEO: The Rules for Rising to the Top of Any Organization

This book contains 77 rules to follow to rise in business, and eventually become the CEO. Each of these rules can be applied to any given situation. These rules apply more than just becoming CEO, anyone in any business whether it’s a young kids lawn mowing business… to the king of the boardroom can benefit from reading and applying these words of wisdom to their lives. Take each with a grain of salt and apply as applicable…

Best Part

It’s impossible to pick one of these 77 rules as my favorite, however, it is very nice to have a reaffirmation to rationalize some of my wants [Rule #30 Always Take Vacations] and to have some motivation to some of my current goals [Rule #6 Keep Physically Fit]. There is a wealth of items to keep you motivated and goal oriented for the remainder of your career.

Worst Part

Again it’s very hard to pick a rule be least favorite, but of course there will be ones which you believe you have under control and rules which you don’t believe currently apply to you or that are obvious to a fault. [Rule #5 Get and Keep Customers]…duh! In any business failure to do this will results in just that… failure! But all in all, it is a very good principle to keep in the forefront of your cognitive functions as you might be so solely focused elsewhere that you lose sight of something so seemingly mundane and simple.

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